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Textile Industry In Punjab Region: Acrylic Industry

Textile Industry is a vast market with various opportunities for people, it builds an increasing competition.

Variety of products starting from Yarns to Garments.

The textile industry plays a significant role in Indian economy by providing direct employment to an estimated 35 million people, by contributing 4 per cent of GDP and accounting for 35 per cent of gross export earnings. The textile sector contributes 14 per cent of the value-addition in the manufacturing sector.

Change In History

With the change in time the textile fabric industry has shifted from Punjab region to southern part of India i.e. Mumbai, Gujarat, Bangalore, who are the biggest manufacturers and suppliers of cotton fabrics for shirts and Denims.


This change has left the market with nothing but only Acrylic fabric manufacturing, Manufacturers in Punjab were never ready for future backward integration.

Acrylic Fabrics

In present days manufacturers in Punjab manufacture Acrylic Fabrics at high scale.

These are used for Lady suiting, Shirts and Blazers.

It is produces in various designs, plain, checks, dobby and jacquard in various different counts and different weights and sizes.


Sankeshwar Synthetics Pvt. ltd.( SSPL) being one of the highest producers of acrylic fabrics with the capacity to produce more than 1,00,000 meters a month.

Fine and captive quality products

Specialised in Acrylic fabrics and PC fabric market.


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